History of Farmers and Drovers Bank
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The Council Grove Guard newspaper reported on February 17, 1893 that every room in the new bank building was rented even though construction had yet to be completed.  A week later, on the 24th of February, the Guard reported that painters were busy working on the on the building’s interior.  The bank and its tenants first occupied the building a week later on March 3, 1893 including two dentists (H.W. Goodrel and S.E. Northington) and
the law firm of Bertram and Nicholson.  The Guard newspaper occupied part of the basement, and according to a Guard advertisement on May 15, 1893, L.E. Hadley’s Summit Café shared the basement.

During the excavation for the new building the Council Grove Republican reported on June 10, 1892 that workers found an inscribed stone. 

The inscription read:  “U.S.M.    J. Hall    COR.
On this ground is where the old Santa Fe stage station stood, and this rock is one for the corner stones of
the mail contractor’s sections of land located every twenty miles on the mail route.  This land was in
controversy several years ago between the Hall heirs and the town company, but the case was decided in
favor of the town company.”

In 1901, the Board sold the 213 West Main Street building to D.A. Gregory.  In January of the following year it was resolved that $10,000 would be used to erect an addition to the new building and for the purchase of the adjacent The addition was designed to compliment the existing structure using red brick and limestone courses with arches to repeat the main building’s design.